08/01(火) 【英語部】Online meeting with Northmead CAPA High School in Sydney












03/01(水) 【英語部】Today's club activity

Today we had English club for the first time in a while.  We did our club activity with our CIR Sam.  He taught us how to write cursive letters.  As you know, English has two types of letters, uppercase and lowercase.  Writing in cursive letters was very difficult for us at first.  Also, we practiced writing our signature.  That was hard but looked cool!  We want to practice more about cursive letters and use them!


12/27(火) 【英語部】12/14&12/21 Christmas Party!

We had a Christmas Party with high schoool students today. They prepared nice and cute Christmas cards for us. The cards were handmade. We looked for the cards scattered somewhere in the room and got one for each.


Then, we made a Christmas wreath together. 


Also, we made a circle sitting down on the floor and passed a percel. In it there are a lot of presents. When the music stopped, the student who had the percel could get one present. What a nice and fun day!


11/18(金) 【英語部】Today’s Club Activity

We started to make our artwork about our favorite books and will join Oxford Big Read. I made it about a book of medicine. I painted it with color pencils.I tried hard to paint it well. It took me a long time. It was hard work, but reading the book was a lot of fun. I learned the history of medicine and studied English. I will continue to read many English books.

Ellen wrote this blog today! 今回の担当はEllenでした!

10/19(水) 【英語部】 Today's club activity

We started today's English Club activity by talking about osmanthus. No one knew what this word means, but everyone tried to think of the meaning. Some of us said, "The word has man, so the word is about a male people!" Others said, "Os sounds like OZ, so the word is about wizard!" Finally, we found out the word means kinmokusei. Then, we talked about what things are popular in fall (such as seasonal flowers, fruits, food, and so on). We also made a short presentation on the great things about fall. Making a presentation was a little difficult, but fun:-)



9/28(水) 【英語部】Today's club activity

Today we started our club activity with reading practice as usual. We read the story we chose aloud for the other students. Sharing our feelings with friends about books is so fun! Next, we played "MONSTER GAME". First, we created our original monsters and then told the other students how the monster looks, what kind of body shape or body parts they have on their body, and so on. Some were cute, others were funny. We needed a lot of imaginaton and creativity to play this game:-)


6/08(水) 【英語部】CIRとの活動


 ① 文化祭に向けて

 ② 英語部への道第一歩(自己紹介を洗練しよう)

 ③ Telephone Game


【Telephone Gameの様子】